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Are you looking for lines to make a girl smile?

In this article we are going to talk about what to say to a girl make her laugh and smile. Having the charm and line login to get that first smile out of a girl is am important step in gaining her interest and attraction.

Many times when it comes to lines to make a AdultFrinendFinder girl smile they can be very corny and can end up turning out very wrong. You need to make sure that you know what you’re doing AdultFrienedFinder login , who you’re talking to and what sort of reaction you’re going get. Why you of course cannot login read her mind you can read her type and figure out what you should say to her.

One girls funny is another girls “crass”. A little practice at reading her “type” goes a long way.

Lines to make a girl Smile Let’s look at some funny lines and then we can go on and figure out what type of girl you’re supposed to be saying these to. Remember that the point of these lines is to bring both humor and sexual tension into the conversation reviews. You want her to laugh, but you also want to set those early seeds for sexual attraction.

If she asked what you do for a living you could say something like “Oh, I work at McDonald’s” or “I work as a hand model…aren’t they beautiful“ (show hands). The important part is to say these with a tone that she both knows you are joking AdultFrienedFinder and that your real job is good enough that you do not the need to brag on it.

If she laughs and jokes back, these type of jokes can even be basis of a teasing “in-joke” with her. For instance you could make jokes about how if she is really nice to you you could get her deep discounts on her fries and perhaps someday you could even groom her for the fast paced world or retail food. Or jokes about how you need her to help pamper your hands because they are the basis for your fortune.

It is all about being fun and original The important part is to be original and say things in a sarcastic, but fun manner, all the while giving a subtext of success. It is important in the long run that you are clear that you are kidding about the job at McD’s, since that is about as impressive as living with your mom for the girls in question.

This can continue on for sarcastic replies to other questions. She could ask your name and you could reply, You can reply, “Clark Kent.” This would be funny and it would also make a think that you want to be her Superman. Again, if you get a chuckle or two, you can continue it on a little bit later, and make jokes about something being “your Kryptonite” and “having to protect the citizens of this fair city”

Remember these lines are not for just anyone, you need to make sure that you are saying these to the right type of girl, and do not pile silly answers onto every question. One or two ironic statements are enough to give you material to work with and then you can just reinforce the joke a little bit. If she does not “play” back along the theme, she probably doesn’t “get it,” so just drop it.

Work the cocky in with the funny to improve your apparent social position. It is also easy to work a little bit of cocky attitude into these funny replies. Using cocky-funny lines are a good idea to make a woman smile if they have the right type but if you say the things the wrong kind of woman you are going to bomb out pretty quickly.

Before you use these lines to make a girl smile you should observe her. Is she interested in fun and would she appreciate that kind of humor? You can watch a girl to see if she is laughing with her friends or if she is more of the serious type. login You need to make sure that you are going to get the right reaction before you say something like this.

If you are still not sure this is the best way to approach her you may want to start a conversation and feel her out a little bit first. Women love to talk and you can let her chat away while you read her movements, eyes and how she is speaking.

Keep it loose; base what you say to a girl on your “read” of the girl You are going to find it is pretty easy to read a woman if you know what you are looking for. Look into her eyes and see what she is telling you.

If you are looking into her eyes and she is not afraid to look back the chances are that she is a confident woman that is already into you. Instead of the cocky-funny lines you may want to say something funny like “You sure know how to stare a man down!” This will let her know that you noticed she is interested and it will also make her smile.

The very best lines are going to grow organically. Just remember that one of the important things after meeting a girl is to make a girl smile. You want her to have fun with you. A big part of attraction is simply enjoying being around the other person.

Use the situations that present themselves and have some fun with it. When you tailor the lines to make a girl smile with the situation you are going to have much better luck than just using a generic line.

When you wonder what to say to a girl, you can do far worse than using lines to make a girl smile.